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Flatbed Trucking

While many shipments can fit in a shipping container or truckload van, it can be a nightmare to handle anything bigger for many shippers. Luckily, we’ve got help for you in the form of flatbed, heavy haul, and other specialized transportation solutions.

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Among our Flatbed and specialized freight solutions

Flatbed trucks



RGN units



Double drops

Heavy and specialized stepdecks

Lowboys with 40-80 ton capacity


Flatbed trucks carry an average bed length of 20 to 53 feet, which offers expanded carrying capacity beyond what a traditional dry van is capable of.

Therefore, whatever items you need to transport on a flatbed or other specialized form of transportation, we can get it done.

We have an entire department dedicated to all heavy haul shipments to determine the exact pricing and permits needed. In addition, we provide exemplary, 24/7 support for all heavy-haul questions and issues along the way.

They also offer more flexible loading and unloading options — you can load and offload cargo from the top and sides, without the need for a dock.

As an Independent agent of Landstar, Jansson LLC specializes in heavy haul transportation for companies of every size and stripe.

Flatbed trucks are frequently used to transport the following materials for a variety of industries, including:

Equipment Hauling

Large, heavy equipment used by rangers, farmers, aerospace/aviation industries, and the military. Backhoes, cranes, tractors, and bobcats are just a few examples.

Building and Construction Materials

Metal piping, I-beams, steel frames, concrete, etc.

Landscaping Materials

Mature trees, lumber, tools, and other equipment.

Baled Tires

For future use as road fill, erosion control, impact barriers, and others.

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