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Do you have a load you need shipped, but you don’t need an entire truck to do it? That’s where less-than-truckload (LTL) comes in.

Are you using LTL for your shipping needs? Here are the top reasons why you should sign up for our LTL program.

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As an independent agent of Landstar, we’ll make sure to make your LTL shipping experience seamless with the help of our program.

Make your shipping easier with Landstar's LTL program

Landstar sums up LTL services:

Personalized service from a Landstar agent

Easy-to-use TMS system

Flexible pricing options

Landstar LTL program

Jansson as an independent agent of Landstar has LTL inside access to industry leading LTL capacity providers to deliver on-time, cost-effective, less-than-truckload van and flatbed services across the United States and Canada.

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As an independent agent of Landstar, Jansson has direct access to dozens of industry-leading LTL capacity providers. Because of these relationships, we can get you rates for LTL shipments that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our network of third-party providers can get your load shipped on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

We make use of Landstar’s proprietary, industry-leading LTL platform which can give customers the ability to view LTL pricing and even book their own loads, all with Landstar discount pricing.

It’s especially useful for companies whose shipments aren’t as time-sensitive; it’ll get there no later than you need it, at extremely competitive pricing.

Unlike traditional LTL companies, we can act as your one-stop-shop for all of your capacity requirements.

We also coordinate shipments across Canada, Mexico, and the US, so your shipment can safely and effectively cross borders.

This way, you’re merely sharing a portion of trailer space with other companies who are also hauling freight on that same truck. And what’s more, you’re only paying for the portion of space you’re using.

LTL shipping routes are perfect for businesses with freight shipments that are less than 15,000 pounds. Goods are consolidated onto large, crated, or palletized packages, organized so that freight doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Elevate your supply chain with seamless logistics solutions tailored to your needs.