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When transporting shipments across the country, it’s important to have options in how they’re carried. That’s where intermodal shipping comes in —

Landstar business capacity owners
Landstar trailers available for drop & hook
Vetted & approved third-party carriers

Jansson’s Second-to-none Intermodal network

Our third-party capacity providers also carry a wide array of equipment to suit your shipment’s specific needs, including:

Container on a flatcar (COFC)

Trailer on flatcar (TOFC)

Specialty rail cars

And more


Landstar enjoys contracts with most major North American railroads and stack train operators, providing reliable door-to-door rail intermodal service that extends through the US, Canada, and Mexico.

With access to Landstar’s industry-leading cross-country freight resources, we can get your load from Mexico to the US, to Canada, and all the way back.

Whatever your specific intermodal needs, we can help you build out a shipment plan that will meet them, and manage your shipment all the way from dispatch to delivery.

Whether your container is full or empty, Jansson’s got the tools to handle it in the most timely, space-optimized (and cost-effective) way possible.

Product demands and surges can happen on a dime, and you want to be able to move quickly to keep up.

As an independent agent of Landstar, Jansson benefits from Landstar’s vast network of intermodal dray carriers, which can get your international shipments off the dock and on a truck or train in no time.

We’re able to pivot and adjust to any change in drayage conditions, keeping your load free of logistical hiccups.

Keep track of your shipment with dynamic status reports, so you know where your load is at all times.

In addition, with supply chains growing tighter than ever, intermodal provides organizations of all sizes more efficient options for transporting goods and materials.

Additionally, Intermodal offers that flexibility and speed, so you can get that shipment across the country at speeds faster than a single driver can reach on their own.

Elevate your supply chain with seamless logistics solutions tailored to your needs.