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Characteristics of a Quality Flatbed Carrier

Characteristics of a Quality Flatbed Carrier

Doing your research certainly pays off when it comes to hiring the services of a flatbed carrier. The safety of the cargo as well as the assurance that it will get to its intended delivery location on time is important.

Here are several characteristics you should look for to ensure you are dealing with a quality flatbed carrier.

Compliance With Safety Standards

Flatbed shipments involve transporting heavy items, ranging from industrial equipment and materials to high-ticket items like automobiles and heavy machinery. Knowing the safety measures and standards implemented by a flatbed carrier is vital for the safety of the people involved and the oversize freight to be transported.

Make it a point to check if the flatbed carrier company adheres to safety regulations set by the OSHA and DOT. Those who comply with such regulations show commitment to prioritizing safety in their operations. Another surefire way to check out the safety measures put in place by a flatbed carrier is how they pack and secure cargo, as is their preparedness for poor road conditions and related challenges.

Business License and Insurance

If a trucking company cannot show a valid business license, it should not provide logistics services to anyone. The same thing goes for insurance. A legitimate flatbed carrier company should have proper insurance because it protects the client and the driver in case of unforeseen events or emergencies.

However, make sure to ask for tangible proof of license and insurance. It would be unwise to take someone’s word when it comes to things like this. Presenting a business license, as well as proof of insurance, gives peace of mind and builds trust as well.

Flatbed Carrier Fleet Quality

The quality of the fleet of a flatbed carrier company is essential to consider as well. Does the trucking company have quality trucks in service? Check if a flatbed carrier company has newer trucks in its fleet and if they are well-maintained. The condition of the truck, its tires, the platform equipment, and everything else should be checked, as this is essential in ensuring that the truck will not break down in transit subsequently.

The flatbed carrier’s condition has a significant impact on assessing the quality of a trucking company because the safe transportation of oversize freight relies mainly on the state of the truck it is loaded on.

Competence and Qualifications of the Driver

Any truck is only as good as the person who drives it. Granted, the condition of the truck and the safety measures put in place are huge factors in ensuring safe and proper cargo transportation. On the other hand, aside from the basic qualifications, such as the appropriate license required to handle a rig, it is also essential to know about past criminal records (if there are any) or prior traffic violations committed by the driver.


Hopefully, the information discussed in this guide has helped you learn how to identify a quality flatbed carrier company.

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