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Holiday Season Shipping: What To Expect and How To Prepare for It

Holiday Season Shipping: What To Expect and How To Prepare for It

The holiday season is just right around the corner, and with it comes the ever-increasing need to ship goods faster than ever before. Freight brokers and shippers need to start preparing for the busy season now in order to ensure that their customer’s orders arrive on time.

What should freight brokers and shippers expect during this peak holiday season shipping?

Increased Volume of Shipments

During the holiday season, the volume of shipments will undoubtedly increase. This means that freight brokers and shippers should expect to handle more orders than usual, as well as an influx of new customers. It is important for them to be prepared with adequate resources and personnel in order to meet the demand.

Busier Routes

Along with the increased volume of shipments comes busier routes. During the holiday season, some routes are much more congested than others due to the sheer number of freight brokers and shippers transporting goods. This can lead to delays in transit as well as increased fuel costs. It is important for freight brokers and shippers to take this into account when planning their holiday shipping schedules.

Higher Rates

Due to the increased demand for services during the holiday season, expect to see higher rates for transportation. Freight brokers and shippers may need to pay more in order to secure the necessary capacity for their shipments, as well as extra fees associated with holiday-related services.

Last Minute Orders

The holiday season is full of last-minute orders, so freight brokers and shippers should be ready to adapt their operations accordingly. This often means having to scramble to find capacity and make last-minute changes in order to accommodate these orders. It is important for freight brokers and shippers to stay flexible and be prepared for the unexpected during this peak shipping season.

How to Prepare for the Holiday Season

With the mentioned challenges during the holiday season, freight brokers and shippers should start preparing for the peak season early in order to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some tips on how to prepare:

  • Begin planning ahead of time: Start making preparations early in order to get ahead of the game. This includes booking capacity, reserving equipment, and preparing your staff for the influx of orders.
  • Stay organized: Organization is key when it comes to handling a large volume of shipments and last-minute orders. Use technology like freight management software to help keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Communicate with customers: Make sure that your customers are aware of any changes in terms or transit times due to the increased demand during the holiday season. This can help ensure their expectations are managed accordingly and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Contact Jansson for Holiday Shipping Help

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