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Logistics Jobs: Where Do You Fit Into The Puzzle?

Logistics Jobs: Where Do You Fit Into The Puzzle?

When we say “logistics career,” people will most likely think about freight agents and brokers. However, there are more options available in the industry. Considering how logisticians contributed approximately $19.2 million to the economy in 2015, it makes sense that jobs in the field are in high demand.

This blog highlights the different logistics jobs you can look into when starting a career in logistics. Take a look!

Lead Generation Specialist

These professionals are in charge of bringing in new leads by calling other companies and identifying decision-makers. They would collect their contact information and expand a prospect’s pipeline by qualifying their potential.

Lead generation specialists play important roles because they keep logistics companies alive. Although many companies automate this process, believing it to be easier and cheaper, we believe in the value of human connection. Thus, we rely on real people to build strong networks.

Transportation Agent

Transportation agents ensure that goods and products in transit reach their destinations correctly. Their role in the global supply chain is pivotal as they facilitate the movement of freight between locations. While it may seem simple, the job involves several challenging yet rewarding responsibilities.

These responsibilities include handling sales calls, assigning shipment carriers, coordinating between collectors and delivery agents, and understanding the legalities of the jurisdictions involved in the delivery. As such, skills and knowledge are important for a successful career as a transportation agent in logistics.

Landstar Broker

You might have heard about Landstar when looking into logistics careers. Landstar is an agent-driven company with a wide network of carriers. As a Landstar broker, you would coordinate the shipment transportation across the company’s network on behalf of the clients exchanging goods.

Landstar brokers operate as independent contractors who source their own leads and reach out to potential clients. Unlike regular freight brokers, these professionals have direct access to Landstar’s wide range of transportation options, making it easier to conduct their freight transportation services.

Truck Dispatcher

If you are interested in starting a logistics career at home, consider looking into your options as a truck dispatcher. These professionals are responsible for forwarding trucks while coordinating with the relevant parties.

In this position, you would have to keep track of the vehicles and notify drivers when they are needed. Additionally, you must update the fleet records regularly, identify areas of improvement, and ensure that the drivers have permits and follow safety protocols.

Get Started on Your Logistics Career

The logistics industry offers a wide variety of roles for professionals to explore. Logisticians are in high demand as every job involved in the system contributes to trillions of dollars that the country makes a year.

If you are looking to break into the logistics industry, consider starting with an established agent to obtain access to the essential tools of the trade while enjoying the benefits. Jansson is an independent agent of Landstar and a good choice to help you kick off your logistics career.

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