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What You Need To Know About A Career In Logistics

What You Need To Know About A Career In Logistics

While logistics may not be the top career choice for young people, it’s a lucrative and fulfilling role that opens many opportunities in the future. Employees in logistics are typically in charge of developing and maintaining a company’s supply chain to ensure that goods are flowing correctly. In this blog post, we discuss a few things you should know if you’re considering a career in logistics. 

Logisticians Are High in Demand 

This industry plays such a big role in the economy, where 18.1 billion tons of goods were moved in 2015 alone — worth around $19.2 trillion, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. However, not many people think about having a career in logistics, so there is always a shortage of staff in the field. Unfortunately, business professionals always overlook opportunities here, resulting in a small number of qualified workers to fill the vacant positions in the thousands of companies working with logistics. 

It Can Be a High-pressure Job 

Logistics involves a lot of moving parts and various details that need to be sorted. These require an individual that has a sharp eye for details and excellent coordination skills. Pressure will frequently build and will fall entirely on the logistician’s shoulders, where many people will constantly depend on you. Even seasoned and highly-efficient logisticians will come across challenging situations that will test their problem-solving skills, knowledge, and patience, but those who persevere will be rewarded with better positions. 

It Ranks Highly as a “Best Business Job”

According to the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Business Jobs list for 2020, logisticians come in at #18. Some of the factors considered when compiling this list included unemployment rates, median salary, work-life balance, job prospects, and stress levels. While every occupation has its pros and cons, a career in logistics seems to have a more appealing package overall based on the criteria above and could be a great option if you’re looking for a business career. 

Various Work Locations 

Unlike your typical office, working in logistics will require you to work from various locations. It may even cause you to travel to meet with other members of the supply chain and consult with vendors. Because logisticians have no standard work setting, you could be placed in an office one day, a factory setting for another day, and then be sent to a pickup center the next. 

Education Is Essential 

If you really want to get one foot in the industry of logistics, you’ll need to get the proper education; 70% of logistics job postings seek candidates that have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. While an associate’s degree can help you qualify for some logistics positions, it’s becoming increasingly vital to get a bachelor’s degree as the field becomes more complex. Moreover, managers are constantly on the lookout for leaders who want to climb up the ranks, but it’s important that they have the education and knowledge for such positions. 

Considering a Career in Logistics?

A career in logistics can be a highly challenging and rewarding experience that can take you anywhere. Jansson as an independent agent of Landstar can help you start your logistics career. Join our team here!

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